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    If you want the full Java or Bali experience search no further. You have come to the right place! See below for our different experiences.

    What’s included?
    What’s included?

    • Transport: train, boat, car, or minibus (depending on the group size and destination)
    • Full guidance from pickup to dropoff
    • Hotel accommodation from the first day to the last day
    • Drinking water provided (reusable 20 L bottle, please bring your own tumbler)
    • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • Local snacks and/or fruit
    • Entrance tickets 
    • All described activities

    • Alcoholic drinks and drinks other than water
    • Personal expenses

    Complete Bali Experience (13D12N)

    The Island of the Gods creates a unique experience for all visitors.
    The Hindu religion has shaped Bali into a paradise that is different from the rest of Indonesia. Bali is located just a few kilometers from the most eastern point of Java and is known for its colorful ceremonies, heavenly tastes and healthy lifestyle. Come and experience the real, traditional and less touristic Bali with us. Jungle treks, rice paddy cycling, private water blessings and tropical beaches. We experience them all together. And most of all, away from mass tourism!


    Day 1 – 4:
    • Welcome to the island of the Gods! Bali is unique in its own way, and on this trip we will explore why. We sleep comfortably in the middle of the jungle woken up in the morning by birds singing in the forest. The Hindu religion is all about being in line with the Gods. We will join the local people in their traditional ceremonies and learn why it is so important. The surroundings of our eco accommodation are wonderful and we fully immerse in tropical nature on foot and on our bikes.

    Day 5 – 6:
    • The north of Bali has some hidden and pristine gems we are about to explore! Through the local villages, we explore the daily activities of Balinese people and reward ourselves with a hidden waterfall swim. People here are so friendly we can even have lunch with them in their houses! We continue to engage in local adventures and find ourselves in a natural swimming paradise in the middle of the jungle. Jump away!

    Day 7 – 8:
    • The center of artistic Bali is calling! We explore the natural canyons in the early morning and walk through the rice fields, having a drink while the sun sets behind the villages. After dinner, we explore the magical evening scene. Balinese food is something unique and to better understand it we cook our own food. As a reward, we explore the most hidden gem, a “water walk” in the most pristine and untouched canyon this area has to offer.

    Day 9:
    • Before we move islands we go back into history and meet the original Balinese people. They have been living here since the 11th century. We get to know all about them and their daily activities. And we won’t leave before trying their delicious culinary dishes.

    Day 10 – 11:
    • Bali has several small islands close by and today we take the boat to enjoy white sandy beaches and tropical cocktails. This island has many things to offer that will keep us busy for the next days. We will explore tropical beaches and nature together, and help the local people with their main source of income. We never got so close to the local people before! The waters around these islands are so blue that we can’t wait to jump into the sea. We explore marine life in different spots around our island and our target is the start of the sea, are you curious who it is? We contribute to the conservation by engaging in activities with a local NGO active on the island. Before the sun sets we hike down to a beach to witness a magical sunset on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. What goes down must come up!

    Day 12 – 13:
    • It’s been so intense, we need to give ourselves some rest! Vitamin sea is what it’s all about today. Enjoy the beaches and get a massage in our beautiful resort before we move back to Bali and prepare for our flight home. See you on our Java experience 🙂

    Useful Information:

    • To keep prices affordable we suggest a minimum occupancy of 6 people for this experience. If you are less please contact us.
    • By joining you support local conservation programs and inspire more people to do so.
    • The full detailed program will be sent to you after booking.
    • Read about how we make our experiences sustainable here: https://indonesiaecotour.com/index.php/eco-tourism-sustainability/

    Complete Java Experience (16D15N)

    Get ready to discover Java in a unique and adventurous way. On the most populated island of Indonesia, we bring you to places no tourists have ever been. We let you experience the real Java in a traditional, local, and respectful way. Local people smiling at us and showing us their hospitality. We bring you to hidden gems no one on the internet knows about. Come and see for yourself!


    Day 1 – 4:
    • After we welcome you at the airport we first get some rest before we enjoy the tropical paradises Java has to offer. Get ready to enjoy white sandy beaches and tiny picturesque tropical islands! We engage in coral and fauna conservation and get lots of relaxation and vitamin sea! Our unique accommodation will make you feel like you never want to leave again. But we have to move on so we take the train to Central Java where new adventures await us.

    Day 5 – 8:
    • Central Java is known for its textile and pristine hidden jungles. We release our creative spirit and design our own clothes with natural dye. We explore the jungles afterward and look for the real inhabitants of these forests, long before us humans. The area is also known for its tea plantations and amazing waterfalls. Who dares to jump in the refreshing but cold water? Our focus is on local and engaging activities with the friendly Javanese people. On the last day, we go to Yogyakarta, the special city that never sleeps.

    Day 9 – 12:
    • Yogyakarta is a student city full of culture and fun! We explore the city in unique ways away from the overcrowded tourist areas. Lots of cycling, swimming, adventure, and creative activities searching for hidden gems. Exploring Javanese culture in a fun way! We work together with local humanitarian and conservation initiatives to support their hard work and efforts. We move to East Java with an overnight train where we will arrive in the early morning.

    Day 13 – 15:
    • Waking up in East Java is magical. After getting some rest we get on our bikes and explore nature. Watch out for big wild animals crossing the road! After getting a good rest we are ready again to defeat the local sports club, they are super excited to defeat us but we know who’s going to win this one right? 🙂 Get some refreshment in the waterfall first before we celebrate our victory in style and go to bed early. We need to get up in the middle of the night because tonight will be special. We are going to witness one of the natural wonders of this world, but not without effort. On the top of this natural wonder we will reward you in a special and unique way and together we enjoy the unforgettable and endless views.

    Day 16:
    • Unfortunately, our last day has arrived. As they say, all good things come to an end! We cross to Bali and for those who want to visit the island of the Gods, this is the time! We recommend staying at least a few days in Bali before going home. It was an intense and active trip through Java. Now it’s time to relax by the pool, explore Bali, and take your flight back home…

    Useful Information:

    • To keep prices affordable we suggest a minimum occupancy of 8 people for this experience. If you are less please contact us.
    • By joining you support local conservation programs and inspire more people to do so.
    • The full detailed program will be sent to you after booking.
    • Read about how we make our experiences sustainable: https://indonesiaecotour.com/index.php/eco-tourism-sustainability/

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